Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for Earth25?
Registering for Earth25 is easy. Just go to and:

... and you’re ready to start logging miles with our new simplified tracking system.

How do I log my miles once I have signed in?
As soon as you sign in, a page will come up which welcomes you and gives you the total number of carbon-free miles that you have traveled and your school has traveled.
On the right of the page, you’ll see Log your travels since (your last log-in date). Your travels can be recorded as:

Simply choose which you would prefer, enter your amounts and Earth25 will do the rest.

How do I collect my World Coins?
Every time you log ten miles on Earth25, you are eligible to win one of ten coins to start your Earth25 world coin collection. To learn more, check out: link to Your World Coin Collection

Can I communicate with other travelers through Earth25?
The fun of Earth25 is being outside walking and talking with your friends in person. Please read Our Privacy Policy for more information about our careful protection of your information.

How can my school get involved with Earth25?
We would love to hear from you! Please send us an e-mail at