Welcome to Earth25!

What is Earth25? Earth25 is a website that was conceived as a fun way to motivate elementary-aged school students to walk or ride their bicycle to school, the store or a friend’s house instead of riding in a car.

Why is Earth25 Important? Earth25:

How does Earth25 work?

Students log on to Earth25.com to record their carbon-free miles which are added together with all of the other carbon-free travelers at their school. The growing total of carbon-free miles propels a virtual troop of elementary aged school students and a teacher along a predetermined route across the earth.

How do schools know how far they have gone?

Every time students log on to record their carbon-free miles, a report comes up which tells them their total carbon-free miles as well as their school’s total carbon-free miles.

What about the virtual troop of characters?

You can get to know the virtual troop of characters by reading their biographies (link to troop bios) and by reading The Earth Examiner which is an electronic newspaper about their travels. You can read stories about their adventures, see pictures of the places they have visited and check out web links that they post if you would like to learn more about a place they have visited. There may even be a skill-testing puzzler included which will give you a chance to test your earth knowledge.

Are there prizes?

Yes! Every time students log ten carbon-free miles, they win a world coin to add to their world coin collection. The coins are distributed through the classrooms once a week.

What if I have a specific question or a comment?

We would love to hear from you! Please send us an e-mail at: admin@earth25.com.